The Leo Club Program objective is:

"To provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community."

The Leo Club Motto is:

Leadership - Leos develop skills as organizers, time managers, and motivators of their peers.

Experience - Leos learn the importance of cooperation through the performance of community service.

Opportunity - Membership in a Leo club provides young people with a chance to excel, to develop character traits, and to receive recognition for their contributions to the community.

Membership Benefits

For the past 45 years, thousands of young people have benefited from membership in the Leo Club Program.  Some of these benefits are tangible; others are intangible.

Making new friends and viewing the world through another's perspective are two of the benefits of Leo service. As community volunteers, Leos often develop confidence and organization skills through this hands-on experience.

Another benefit of Leo club membership is experiencing teamwork.  The Point Pleasant Leos have organized various fundraisers with proceeds benefiting local vision projects.

Membership in a Leo club also develops fellowship and camaraderie. One of the many activities enjoyed by the Point Pleasant Leos, is bowling.  The Leos have also enjoyed attending theater events together, playing baseball, and taking hikes.

As members of a worldwide organization, Leos have international benefits as well.  Leos often participate in the Lions international youth camp and youth exchange programs.  Leo clubs also participate in the UN's Lions International Day program at the UN building in New York city.

Joining a Leo Club

Every new Leo receives a Leo New Member Kit. This kit includes:

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